Jupyter community workshop: proposal on diversity, inclusion and accessibility


Hi everyone!
I am sure many of you saw the call for proposals for Jupyter community workshops.
Since that came out I decided to put something together around diversity and inclusion of the jovyan community :upside_down_face:

So far I have gotten @choldgraf interest in this and I was wondering of anyone else would be interested in this workshop.
I am making some edits to the proposal as the deadline submission is today, but if anyone has some minutes to spare to comment/help you can find the draft here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aMLI9vvkmj61UATnVlIF_uyuccRITZnkhXF8CugBI7c/edit?usp=sharing



Did you see this thread Accessibility & JupyterHub for education?

I am not sure if this would fit into this event or would be better as an additional one: @minrk mentioned that a lot of issues have been opened already and that one thing that has been hard is getting enough time for people who know a11y things and people who know Jupyter things to work together on them. So maybe a workshop on that topic aiming to invite Jupyter folks and a11y folks would be good.

(If you thin kit would make the proposed event too big/broad, please anyone else feel free to build on this if you think it is a good idea. I’d help out where I can.)



I did see the thread and I think we could use the unconference session to work on some of the guidelines @minrk mentioned in that thread, esp:

  1. general accessibility guidelines
  2. specific problem areas for Jupyter
  3. how to find what should be improved and how it should change
  4. ideally, testing utilities (CI would be a huge bonus!)

We could perhaps liaise with orgs like ‘ladies that ux’ to get some insight on these areas(?)



My 2 cents here: I think that a workshop like this would be really nice and a valuable addition to the community. cc @yuvipanda and @minrk who are both working with Outreachy mentees this round, and might have thoughts on this!



This sounds amazing. Thank you for putting this together, @trallard! I hope this gets funded :smiley:

The proposal looks great to me, although I think there’s enough material there for at least two proposals. D&I and accessibility are broad and different enough that it might make sense to have these be two workshops. However, if you think there’s enough shared interest and expertise in rolling these two into one, go for it :slight_smile:



I believe that @mpacer or Tim George might be interested in this too



This also sounds like a great proposal to me.



Hey thank you folks for reading through and sharing the excitement. I made some edits to the proposal and submitted it :crossed_fingers:t2: so now comes the waiting game.

Hopefully this will get funded. Also kudos @yuvipanda and @minrk on the Outreachy mentorship!



Fingers crossed! Love the proposal :sparkles:

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This sounds like a great proposal! Thanks for putting this in motion :slight_smile:



It looks like @trallard is helping organize something some mentored sprints at PyCon this year, that sounds awesome! :sunny:


Tania we’d love to hear about what the experience is like, and I’d love to brainstorm ways that we can tie this kinda thing into the Jupyter community as well (I think Safia + Paige + @DougBlank are helping to think about the next version of JupyterCon, perhaps they’d be interested to learn about this as well, I don’t believe Safia + Paige are on Discourse though)



The mentored sprints idea looks very cool! @trallard do you have any plans on coming to EuroPython (in Switzerland this year :mountain_snow:) and doing something like this?

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Hi folks! Thanks a lot for the shout out :tada: I would love to have these sprints happening in as many confs as possible so I would have to liaise with organising committees.
That said if any Jupyter folks are around in PyCon it would be grand to have you as mentors on the day (I know Carol will be there but I am unsure is wearing her CPython or her Jupyter hat, or both)

We will also publish an impact report after the event for those of you interested in the outcomes

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I will be at the mentored sprints. Mostly wearing my CPython hat but will assist if there is interest in Jupyter too.



Thanks @willingc. Just for the sake of transparency and in case anyone does turn up willing to contribute to Jupyter would it be possible to get you registered ( short Google form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3D0BvnhgLRbtK2LOC-aAAkvZt484RCpwY0lpFdsFljEy9ig/viewform?usp=sf_link) if you are too busy I can fill in the details for the project



Yep. I’ve just registered JupyterHub and Binder (though folks could contribute to any Jupyter project).



thanks so much for doing this @willingc and @trallard!

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Anybody interested in Jupyter+Accessibility can fill out this survey for putting together a working group: https://goo.gl/forms/8RDLBuJGVkfrgC5A2



Signed up!!! Definitely interested in this working group :clap:

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