Jupterhub hub pod is failing

we are observing that the hub pod is getting into failed state with the error “connection timeout out with mysql server”. After setting mysql pool_recycle value to 300, the frequency of failures got reduced, but still we are observing the issue.

Jupterhub chart version : jupyterhub-0.10.6
Azure kuberenets version: 1.19.7
Hub version : jupyterhub/k8s-hub: 0.10.6-n211.h2e3a73af
Azure My SQL version: 5.7

how can we avoid this issue with hub pods ?

Hi! Does this still occur with the latest version of the Helm chart, 0.10.6 is quite old.

If it’s still a problem this issue sounds similar: Jupyterhub 500 Error - SSL connection has been closed unexpectedly [tornado, ioloop]
If you can reproduce the error on your own database server instead of a cloud managed service that would help us debug the problem.

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