Is "jupyterlab-sql" still outdated?


I get the warning message:

“jupyterlab-sql” is outdated

There are two threads on Github.

As I understand it the warning is produced by a version conflict.

I do not want to downgrade from 3.4.5 to maybe solve the issue.

Is the “jupyterlab-sql” ext still valid?

I do not find the ext in the manager either.

Does anybody know the current state of this “jupyterlab-sql” ext?
What can I do to make it work?
Are there any alternatives besides %sql magic?

Kind regards and thanks

I maintain an active fork of ipython-sql (the %sql magic): GitHub - ploomber/jupysql: Better SQL in Jupyter. 📊

However, we don’t have the GUI that jupyterlab-sql provides.