Introduce yourself!

Hi you all! My name is Ismael, I’m from Spain and I’m a teacher training advisor on STEM subjects, willing to dive deeper into the Jupyter community! I’d like to learn how to use Jupyter tools to use them in K9-K12 levels, allowing students to access to any open repo and to edit it online, without needing any registration, which will make it easir for them.

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Hello, everyone. I do appreciate your welcome.
I look forward to learning as well as sharing with others along the way.
My background is in music education violin/viola undergrad at USC at Columbia. After teaching for a few years, I decided to challenge myself a bit to different skills sets at Webster University with Business Admin. and Information Technology Management earning a masters in both.
Now, I am so exciting to expand more learning network engineering while absorbing and working Python as much as possible along the way.
If anyone has ideas on how I should set myself up for success in building a portfolio of well rounded skills. I am willing to listen.
For those that have more experience that I do (which is most of you) If you had to start over again knowing what you know now…
What are the first 10 things you would do first,

Keep in my my primary goal is to learn while building a project based portfolio of displaying not only network engineering and cyber security projects but a varying range of skills (unless I am strong advised against this). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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With so much to learn I do hope that I can also contribute in positive ways to the community as well as provide some comic relief over time too.
Wishing everyone the BEST!
I thank you and appreciate constructive criticism and your critical eyes as well as brilliant ideas all in advance.

Have an Awesome Sunday!
Happy Easter for all those celebrating.
Call me Todd/or SimonsSeyzIT

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I am a human (not a bot) researcher into Clifford algebras. I’m especially interested in the extra-dimensional Clifford algebras (or division algebra) connection to a physical description of particle physics in describing the standard model. I am bias to real domain descriptions (geometric algebra) within the subject. I feel a breakthrough is emminent (or currently presented but not well understood).

Hi there,

I’m Juergen, a web developer. Currently I’m working on an integration of Jupyter
Notebooks in webpages to make Notebooks live/interactive available using the
Binder service.

The integration is a bit tricky, hopefully I can find some tips and tricks on
the forum. Thanks in advance for all the helpful info already available!

I’ll post some info on my project as my 50 Cent to the forum. As next steps,
I’ll describe how to integrate Juypter Notebooks in an static website based
on Jekyll and some example websites to see what’s all about.

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Hi. I am George from Nairobi Kenya, and a Data Scientist in the making.

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Hi folks,

My name is Eskild and I am a software engineer at Quansight. I’ve used various Jupyter products and tools over the past few years and now I’m hoping to start meaningfully contribute to the community.

I’m most interested in machine learning, scalable and reliable infrastructure, and automation.

In my spare time, I enjoy getting outside and staying active, either hiking, camping, playing basketball or simply going on walks.

Thanks again for the warm welcome and I look forward to interacting with everyone here!!


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Hi, I’m new to this forum and new to jupyter lab. I’ve had some small experience with jupyter notebooks in the past and I’m excited about the extended capabilities of jupyter lab.

Hey I’m representative of Sponge Center.
I’m new here.
I’m here to communicate with new persons and get knowledge from other members

Hi all! I’m Brett Deaton. I’m an educator at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. I’m using Jupyter Notebooks and Binder to build interactive tutorials for employees learning Python. I look forward to interacting with you all!

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Hi, I’m Nils. I am a researcher in the field of molecular spectroscopy and molecular interactions and have used Python, Julia, and Jupyter for a couple of years now, mainly for data evaluation purposes, but also in teaching. First Jupyter Notebook and now JupyterLab has grown dear to my heart and I am happy to see it grow and thrive :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, all,
I am Chang Liao, an Earth scientist from PNNL.
I just started to use Jupyter Notebook to teach a Python package I developed.

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Hello, I am Saeed a student at UofAlberta. I am using JupyterLab for the analysis of my project.

Hi, I am Iwan, an educator that now self-employed. I am a regular user of the iPython notebook. I fell in love with the Jupyter notebook years ago when I was at Baylor University and made a commitment to use it as my teaching tool. I am eager to learn the Jupyter notebook internals and contribute to the Jupyter project or fix some bugs at least.

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Nice to meet you everyone

I’m takuma, an engineer in Japan.

I want to display jupyterhub using iframe on the web of the application I am making.

However, I participated because it didn’t go well and I wanted to get help from everyone.

Nice to meet you.

I’m not good at English, so I’m sorry if I write something I don’t understand.

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I am Dale S. Rothman an Associate Professor in the Department of Computation & Data Sciences at George Mason University. I am looking forward to working with JupyterLab, as it seems a good way to create notebooks using Python, R, and Julia in a common environment.

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Hi…I am Miklos and I am a research senior programmer at GOOGLE DEEPMIND and I am trying to learn python and I can do the hello word program already also in Bash and in C…I want to improve my skills so I joined up here…plz dont tell my colleges that I am here to catch up with them…bye

I’m Ty a software engineer and data analyst. I’ve used Jupyter Notebooks for several projects and I figured it’s time to give back to the community.