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Hello :wave: I’m Sarah, a Data Scientist in the Alan Turing Institute’s Research Engineering team. I’m currently involved in building a BinderHub related to reproducible research. I’m a complete Binder/BinderHub novice so I’d welcome any advice in getting started :blush:


Hello, there! My name is Doug, and I have been a big fan of Jupyter since it was born. I’m a Computer Science college professor (25 years) and taught all of my courses for the last 4 years in Jupyter. That included kernels in Processing/Java, Assembly Language, Scheme, and even a little language called Python :smile: I’ve helped two departments take advantage of Jupyter (Physics and Biology) and have many friends in the Jupyter community, some I have even met In Real Life. Now, I’m retiring from academics and transitioning to a startup working on Machine Learning, Python, and … Jupyter!


Hi all! I’m Vinitra, a former UC Berkeley grad student and current software engineer at Microsoft AI. I’m currently working on the ONNX ecosystem, an open source collaboration between Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and many many more partners to create a model format for deep learning framework interoperability.

I love Jupyter Notebooks and I love data science education, and so I spent many late nights pinging @yuvipanda and @ryan on Slack while we worked on the JupyterHub/OkPy autograding deployment for UC Berkeley’s data science curriculum. After graduating, I was a summer lecturer for UC Berkeley’s Foundations of Data Science (Data 8), a class with a 50-50 gender ratio, 60+ majors represented, and run entirely on Jupyter notebooks. So excited to see what’s in store for this community! :smile:


Hi I’m Kirstie Whitaker - I’m a research fellow at the Alan Turing Institute in London and I’m working to incentivise reproducible research. I’m really interested in how we can use a binder hub that is locally installed to make it easy for supervisors to support their grad students in using version control & package management. For example, whether we can use binder to share private code and data within research teams so that a busy professor can review but doesn’t need to install everything! I’m working with @sgibson91on exactly that :sparkling_heart:

Thank you so much to all the jupyter team! And especially the core binder folks :raised_hands::heart::rocket:


Hej! My name is Jan and I use JupyterHub for teaching statistics, an introduction to computer science and political science. Its a crazy combination, I know! We started this in the summer with 30 students, now we have 200. A part of me wants this growth to be linear, the other half not so much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi! :wave: My name is Kevin Markham. I’m the founder of Data School, and I’ve been teaching data science in Python using Jupyter notebooks since 2015.

I use Jupyter notebooks in all of my YouTube tutorial videos, and I found this forum while doing research for my upcoming video series on the Jupyter notebook. :movie_camera:

Nice to meet all of you! :smile:


I’m Henri Delebecque.
I discover JupyterHub a few monthes ago, when I installed 8 hubs for educational purposes. I spent a week to install a hub able to dispatch notebooks on 8 VMs, without success. I was short in time, and choose a group of 8 hubs, allocating statically student to each one.


Hi everyone ! I’m Elizabeth :wave: :smile:

I’m currently a PhD student at the Montreal Neurological Institute, and I’m excited to think about how we can use both Jupyter Notebooks and Binder to facilitate open and reproducible publishing.

I’m a new Jovyan, but I’m excited to join and contribute to this great community ! Thanks to everyone for all of your amazing work so far.


Hi there! I’m Enrico, a data scientist at a scale-up based in Amsterdam. I’m doing my best to support Jupyter in local community events, get folks involved in open source and appreciate the power of community-based projects.


Hey all,

I’m Andrew, a final year PhD student in chemistry at the University of Bath (but currently in Scotland writing up).
The majority of my research work has involved Jupyter Notebooks (including reproducible publications).
I have used Notebooks and BinderHub/MyBinder heavily in teaching (developing open educational resources through the pythoninchemistry project.

A list of courses that use Binder

Hi I am Jen. I am an uni student at the University of Canterbury. Right now I am working for GNS ( to help with data access tutorials wich it a project using jupyter.


Hi all, My name is Stephan and I am a graduate student at RPI who is currently working on an effort to explore/implement auto-grading of assignments/labs done in Jupyter notebooks in courses at RPI.

Right now we are evaluating the gofer suite of components (gofer grader, gofer service, and gofer submit) as a possible light-weight architecture. The gofer component repos are available at

I am new to the area of auto-grading Jupyter notebooks but it appears to be an active area of interest for many in the community and I would be happy to hear about any previous efforts or opinions on the matter.


Hey all,
I’m Chico, current maintainer of PAWS. I’m a Brazilian international relations major currently working in tech, mainly DevOps and data analysis.

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Hi everyone,

I’m Georgiana, a software engineer from Romania! I started contributing to JupyterHub as part of my Outreachy internship and with the help of the community, I managed to develop JupyterHubTraefikProxy :green_heart:.
I look forward to continue contributing to JupyterHub and I’m very happy I’m part of this amazing community.

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My name is Vidar. I’m from Norway, and have worked on Jupyter things full-time since 2016. I’ve contributes in multiple parts, with the main highlights: nbdime (diff/merge of notebooks), nbval (unit testing notebooks), ipywidgets, JupyterLab, pythreejs (3D widgets).

My background is from solid state physics, doing analysis of multi-dimensional data from experiments.


Hi all - I am Chaki and from Boston - been using Jupyter for a while for learning data science / deep learning stuff and am hooked like most of you. Starting to explore the ecosystem and see if there are areas I can contribute. My day jobs are mainly “head of product + design” so am particularly interested in UX and making things even easier especially for true beginners. Any suggestions welcome and see you around here!


Once upon a time I started a little project named MoinMoin…

These days, I’m diving into DS/ML with Python in general, and DevOps Intelligence centered around JupyterHub specifically. The latter resulted in the Debian package I just announced, and will likely continue with some Docker image work, publishing / reporting solutions (to HTML, PDF, and Confluence), and some docs around the workflows using all that (see here for a start).


Hi all, I’m Sebastian, a faculty member at the University of Colorado Boulder teaching and doing research at the interface between the earth and life sciences. We use Jupyter Notebooks (R/python/C++) and Binder extensively for in-class exercises (e.g. in our computational tools class for PhD students in the bio/geosciences) and for the supplemental materials of research publications. I dream of a future where the analytical/computational part of all peer-reviewed research publications is easily reproducible via a repo+binderhub link that ships with each publication (probably not going to happen any time soon but one can dream ;).


Hello my name Benoît and I use jupyter notebooks for 3 years to teach mathematics and introduce computers to high schools.