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I understand discourse is an open source project. Is this deployment self hosted, and if so, how is it hosted? I hoped to find a Helm chart but didn’t.

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Nope, discourse is generously hosting it for us for free because we’re a (large) open source community. They’ve got curated Docker images for deploying on your own, but sadly no helm chart to make it easy with k8s :-/

Ah thanks for the insight @choldgraf!

I found some discussion about discourse docker images, and to summarize what I understood was that they did not have any official image docker image to point to. I would like to see the curated list if you have link to it, I did not find it myself.

I believe that this was the post I was talking about:

That’s the tutorial I followed to deploy last year, and it’s very low maintenance (but we don’t have much traffic).

Thank you @choldgraf and @luizirber for giving me this input!

I was suddenly looking for a “close issue” button :stuck_out_tongue:

I used the discourse “install on the smallest digital ocean droplet” (1GB RAM and 1CPU) guide as well. It works well. The only thing that tripped me up is that you need about 4GB of RAM to upgrade discourse. You can get that by (temporarily) adding 4GB of swap space.

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