Icon not visible in Lumino widget title

I am trying to add a Lumino widget to the ‘right’ panel of the Jupyter Lab UI. However, I am not able to set the icon in the title bar of the widget using font awesome icons. Here’s my code:

class ExampleWidget extends Widget {
      constructor() {
        this.id = 'myextension-widget'
        this.title.label = 'Sample'
        this.title.closable = true
        this.title.iconClass = 'face-smile'

What am I missing here? Can someone please help?

After seeing this posted on Stackoverflow, I suggested maybe people here may have more insight.

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I fixed this problem by actually creating a new LabIcon object from an external SVG file and passing it to the this.title.icon property of the widget. The icon now shows up in the title but I am not able to adjust the size of the icon. Any suggestions on how to change the size of the icon?

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@Rakesh_K I wrote a solution on stackoverflow

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@djangoliv thank you for the solution. Now that I am able to set the icon correctly, is there a way that I can adjust the size of the icon?

Since you added a class “this.addClass(‘mypanel’)”, you should be able to achieve it with css.

.mypanel {
  width: 32px !important;
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