How to use jupyverse as the backend server when developing the JupyterLab frontend?

I’m working on extending the JupyterLab frontend to support the new kernels REST API provided by jupyverse (#12867) which is part of my primary goal of supporting reconnecting to background executions, such as in the case of network interruptions (#2833).

It’s not clear to me how I would substitute jupyverse for jupyter-server when developing JupyterLab’s frontend. Could the community provide guidance?

Thanks a lot for working on this!
Jupyverse has developments installations that use Hatch. Since you want the JupyterLab frontend, you need the dev.jupyterlab-noauth environment. But that would install JupyterLab from PyPI, so in order to also have a development install of JupyterLab’s frontend, I would suggest:

hatch -e dev.jupyterlab-noauth shell
pip install -e /path/to/jupyterlab/sources
jupyverse --jupyterlab.dev_mode

Thanks for the assistance! I encounter a zsh: command not found: jupyverse error when attempting to run your last line jupyverse --jupyterlab.dev_mode.

Is there something else I missed from the documentation so that Jupyverse is available on the PATH?

The command:

hatch -e dev.jupyterlab-noauth shell

is supposed to activate the environment where jupyverse was installed, so it should be in your PATH.
Did this command run successfully?

As far as I can tell, it appears to have done so. My shell prompt displays (dev.jupyterlab-noauth) at least. I’ll look at the Hatch documentation, as I’ve not used this tool before and so perhaps have missed something.

Edit: I ran pip install -e ".[jupyterlab,auth]" within the Hatch environment and the jupyverse executable was found, but I encounter an ImportError related to my arch (I’m using an M1 MacBook):

(mach-o file, but is an incompatible architecture (have (arm64), need (x86_64)))

Is aarch64 a supported platform?

Edit 2: It does look to be a platform architecture-related problem: Provide wheels for linux/arm64 (aarch64) · Issue #114 · y-crdt/ypy · GitHub
And there is a PR in the works: Wheel builds for aarch64 and others by kafonek · Pull Request #115 · y-crdt/ypy · GitHub