How to make file manager use Kerberos ticket


I’m running a JupyterHub cluster via K8s and I want to give users access to a shared Kerberos-protected storage. So far I managed to get a half-working solution: I mount the filesystem on the host and then mount it as a volume to a user home directory in the user container, a user then needs to run “kinit” in the terminal to get the kerberos ticket and he instantly gets write access in the web-terminal. What I can’t get working is the web file manager - for some reason it doesn’t use the kerberos ticket giving me “permission denied”, but it starts working by itself after some idle time after kinit (which seems to be random from minutes to hours).

Log files doesn’t contain any errors, except the “permission denied” messages and no useful debug messages, so I’m looking for help with tracing down the cause of this strange file manager behavior.


I think I can narrow it down to JupyterLab: when I run a Jupyter notebook directly on the host it has the same behavior - no write permission, but if do kinit prior to launching the notebook then it gets write permission. So it has something to do with the mechanism used by JupyterLab to access the file system