Governance Office Hours Meeting Minutes

We are going to be posting meeting minutes from the governance refactor office hours in this thread to document the conversations we are having and also to give people who can’t make it to the office hours insight into what gets discussed.


Meeting Minutes – June 25, 2019

  • Attendees
    • Matthias
    • Darian
    • Fernando
    • Brian
  • Expert Interviews
    • Continued conversation on set of questions expert interviews
    • We tentatively assigned interviewers to the list of experts and we are targeting finishing the interviews by the end of August (this accounts for summer travel that makes some folks unavailable for a few weeks).
    • We will record (with consent), transcribe, and produce an anonymized, single summary of the input from all experts combined.
    • Videos and transcripts will be destroyed after the new governance model is ratified. Our summary will be preserved.
  • Community Input Proposal to proactively solicit input from the broader community: create a single Discourse thread in the Governance category, where members of the community can post links to primary sources on governance. These can be publications, talks, existing or new blog posts by the community members or third parties.
    • Community input specifics:
      • Purpose: the goal of this is to generate input for the editors to take under consideration. As such, the editors will read all the posts and the content they link to. We are not looking for full blown governance model proposals; we want brainstorming and careful thinking on important aspects of governance. Please use the Governance Questions to structure and organize writing.
      • We will use diverse input mechanisms to be fair and inclusive (blogs, video calls, Discourse, …), while encouraging thoughtfully elaborated, high-quality input.
      • Posts can be in a different language if needed. We can read in Spanish, French and German, will use Google Translate for other languages.
      • The Discourse thread will use a “no crosstalk model”. Posts on the thread should be focused on linking to primary sources on governance, and not a reply to other posts in the thread.
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Meeting Minutes – July 2, 2019

  • Attendees
    • Brian
    • Peter
    • Darian
    • Tim
  • Next week: with Fernando traveling, and others at SciPy, next week’s governance meetings are cancelled.
  • Community input
    • Last week’s meeting minutes described the process we are going to use for community input, Darian will open the discourse thread to kick this off.
    • Questions:
      • Who is invited to the weekly office hours?
        • Brian: it is my impression that initially the current Steering Council was invited, but we can broaden the invite as needed.
        • Especially as we have work to report from the expert interviews or broader community input.
      • What video channels should we be using for the 9am PT and 10am PT weekly meetings? One of these (9am PT) is the office hours, the other (10am PT) is the editors meeting. Should we consolidate to a single video chat room, so people don’t get lost?
      • What raw materials will the editors use in editing together a governance document? Brainstorming…
        • Expert interviews
        • Community input
        • Survey and research on existing governance models of similar open source projects.
        • Survey?
      • Mission, Vision, Values
        • No update, Tim will follow up with Lindsey and Paul and report back.
        • Tim has emailed Lindsey and Paul requesting we all three take a crack at creating a ‘Principle’ from the values list each to present at next week’s meeting.
      • Expert Interviews
        • Goal: finish interviews by the end of August.
        • Last week we talked about how we are going to use the expert interview.
        • We are going to produce a single summary that mixes all of the interviews to keep it as anonymous as possible.
        • We will run this final summary by all the interviewees for final approval.
        • Darian: there is some merit to not releasing intermediate documents to allow our interviewees to speak frankly.
        • Brian: as editors, we want to be transparent about the raw materials that go into the process.
        • Tim: we should start with a low level of detail in the summarization, then release more if people need to understand the underlying summary more. It’s easier to release more than ‘un-release’ information. We want to respect our interviewees privacy.
        • Brian: we can start with a summary that will help the editors, and then review which parts of that should be released.
        • We then worked on the interview script.

How one does actually attend/participate the governance ‘office hours’?

Meeting Minutes – July 16, 2019

  • Attendees
    • Peter
    • Matthias
    • Fernando
    • Darian
    • Tim
  • Tim will take a pass at the interview questions to give a final thumbs-up so we can start scheduling interviews for the month of August, hoping to finish all interviews by the end of the month.
  • The weekly governance office hours call should be open to the community members who care about governance issues. The call is held 9-10AM PST on Tuesdays.
  • Matthias gave an update on GitHub organization support.
    • Talked with some of the GitHub folks two weeks ago about GitHub enterprise.
    • There is a difference between their on-premise enterprise and cloud-enterprise
    • Cloud enterprise is neat, it allows to regroup multiple organization under the same umbrella and allow to:
      • enforce policies across all repos of all organizations
      • give some graphs (called insight) across all the orgs.
    • A number of features are useful, only for enterprise so we would not use them; but would be interesting to try.
  • We spent the rest of the call working on polishing the interview questions and making sure the high “star” value governance questions are covered in our interviews.
  • We decided to post a final draft of the interview questions for the community to have an idea of how we approached these interviews, when that draft is ready.
  • We are on target for wrapping up the questions by the end of July and reserving the month of August for the interviews.

(cc: @lresende The call is linked in this week’s minutes!)