FOSS4G 2019 Disc

Hi All - FOSS4G is a distributed series of events worldwide, now at more than ten per year, focusing on Open Source geospatial software, maps, mapping and all things spatial data. As mentioned two weeks ago in my intro post here, I have a collection of Jupyter Notebooks that will be published as part of a much larger, reference collection of software, source, apps and demos, on Ubuntu 1804 base.

This is a call for reviewers, testers and possibly contributors, to jump in now, before the disk is finalized. Overall, the breadth and depth of the software and examples is good, (and can always be better). You can find the dot-iso of the disk, and a repo of the Notebooks, in the links below.

Testing involves the following: download the ISO; create a VirtualBox VM with at least 8GB of RAM; assign the ISO as the boot disk, and launch. Within the running VM, clone the Notebooks repository, run a one-liner script to copy the Notebooks, and off you go!

The Notebooks are plain and solid. There are a lot of them. Suggestions, feedback (preferably constructive) and new ideas welcome. There is a window of days now to review and add to this collection.

Disk :
US Site:
EU Site:

build 234 is current today, feature complete

OSGeo git:

$ sudo apt install python3-cartopy; cd jupyter
$ git clone; cd o13-Jupyter
$ BRS="Rasterio_py3 Geopandas_py3 Folium_py3 Pandas_py3 Fiona_py2 Rasdaman_py2 Cartopy_py2 Mapserver_py ipy55 Shapely_py2 Iris_py2"
$ for br in ${BRS}; do git checkout $br; cp -R notebooks/* ../notebook_gallery/;done

note on security: this project uses a variety of current security recommendations throughout the build chain; you can create the disk, examine the signed debian packaging, and trace the origins of every component on this disk through Ubuntu/Debian build scripts.