Feature Idea: JupyterHub/BinderHub + Jupyter Book as a publishing platform

Hi !

We are currently working on that for our platform: https://www.neurolibre.com/ were submissions are rendered using Jupyter books. Our focus now is to build the Jupyter book and enable the preview on our infrastructure.
The direction I am taking atm is to actually build the jupyter book using a postBuild file, so the build artifacts lives inside the docker image (book artifacts are not re-built if a new environment is spawned, and source does not change). The rendering is happening through the jupyterhub interface.
Check this WIP: GitHub - ltetrel/nha2020-nilearn.

This is not working when loading the index.html:

403 : Forbidden
Blocking request from unknown origin

But works when loading the individual html files.
The image is also quite big and takes too much time to be pushed on DockerHub.

That’s why Ideally I would like to build the book separately (and somehow inject the built artifacts into the user running environment), but I cannot do this until this PR moves Optional build volumes and build init_containers, REPO_URL accessible to pod by ltetrel · Pull Request #1081 · jupyterhub/binderhub · GitHub.

Any feedback also appreciated :slight_smile: