Failing to trigger aws autoscaling on a group with min of 0 nodes


We have jupyterhub configured on kubernetes with Amazon AWS. In it, we have multiple profiles associated with different autoscaling groups that spawn different hardware configurations, and pods get allocated to those using taints. We autoscale when a new user requests a server and all nodes in that group are being used. We have no problem autoscaling for autoscaling groups with a min of 1 and above, but haven’t been able to trigger the autoscale through jhub for groups with min of 0.

Following the instructions in this link we have added the following tags to our autoscaling group:

Given our taints for pods to be on this group:

      - key: "GPUJobExclusivity"
        operator: "Equal"
        value: "true"
        effect: "NoSchedule"
      - key: "GPUtype"
        operator: "Equal"
        value: "TeslaV100"
        effect: "NoSchedule"
      - key: "numberOfGPUs"
        operator: "Equal"
        value: "8"
        effect: "NoSchedule"`Preformatted text`

We are running:

kubernetes 1.14

Any idea what we could be missing?