Extracting the File Editor project from Jupyter

Hello everybody. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I really like the file editor functionality in Jupyter. We use it for several servers in which we’re exposing some common data. Is it possible to spin JUST the file editor API and frontend? Or only the API and I could connect some other editor (maybe Monaco?).


There is some work on-going to allow for declaratively reducing the scope of a jupyter server with a single file:

But today, one could certainly build this manually, by subclassing ServerApp:

… and manipulating it pre/post-startup.

As for the client on /editor

  • nbclassic wraps the jquery/bootstrap editor assets from notebook
  • retrolab offers one built out of jupyterlab components
  • or more DIY
    • this example shows building your own
    • and of course you could deploy monaco, likely reusing some of underlying pieces for working with contents
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