Displaying Table of Widgets (Radio Buttons)


I would like to be able to annotate a large amount of data interactively within a Jupyter notebook in order to enable my active learning application on a large dataset I can legally only access remotely… and I prefer to use a notebook rather than building out another application for a variety of reasons.

I need to validate that entity pairings (~1000) that I’ve generated are correct (active learning). To do so I want to essentially put radio buttons into a table like in https://github.com/quantopian/qgrid, using an annotation system similar to https://github.com/agermanidis/pigeon/tree/master/pigeon. Has anyone done something similar or seen some other resources than those that I’ve linked? It would be much appreciated.

Maybe check out the VBox / HBox (https://ipywidgets.readthedocs.io/en/stable/examples/Widget%20List.html#HBox) widgets along with the radio button widget in ipywidget, that might get you where you need to go

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