Deleting a Binder Deployment

Hi! After doing some digging it seems like the only way to delete a Binder deployment is by asking someone on the team(How to delete obsolete binder repo · Issue #150 · jupyterhub/binder · GitHub), and this seemed like the only way to get in contact with the someone to do so.

I would love help with deleting a specific Binder build/deployment (and would love to know the next steps). I haven’t deleted the repo but would do so after.

And was wondering if it would be possible to develop a feature for this to be easier on the user-end in the future?

Hello @kestinami

thanks for getting in touch. Can you direct message me the repository for which you’d like to have the binder deleted?

If you remove the repository/make it private then no one else will be able to access the binder any more. Before we launch a binder we check if the repository is accessible. This is the quickest self-service way to stop access.


Hi Tim, thank you so much for the reply. I can’t seem to direct message you via the inbox (it doesn’t give me the ability to create a new message) or see an option to message you via your profile. This is a new account so that could be a reason?

Do you mind direct messaging me so I can reply ot it or letting me know how I can direct message you? Thank you for the help and sorry about the trouble.

Sent you a DM. Hopefully that works. Super weird that you can’t message me. I don’t know (because it has never been a problem so far) if it could be related to being a new user.

Just to double check, when I am in this thread and click on your avatar (Large K on blue background) I end up seeing the following:

You’ve tried that and the blue “Message” button doesn’t appear is that right?

Thank you @betatim. I’ll go ahead and reply to your dm.

And thanks for the directions. I did check your avatar (the pop-up) and clicked on your profile and didn’t see the option to dm you. Here is what I see on my end (I can only upload one screenshot as a new member, so here’s what it looks like for your avatar pop-up):

I suspect it’s a new member thing.

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Probably. Gotta keep that spam at bay :smiley: