Delete helm hook puller created with jupyterhub helm charts

Sorry for a newbie question:
I tried installing jupyterhub on kubernetes cluster using command:
helm upgrade --install jhub jupyterhub/jupyterhub --version=0.9.0 --values config.yaml

But, it failed due to some timeout issue. So, I tried uninstalling with the command:
helm uninstall jhub and also tried with helm delete jhub
I was expecting that it would delete all the resources. But it didn’t and if I now check
kubectl get pods I see around 40 pods running with name like: hook-image-puller-id. I tried deleting those pods and they are getting recreated. Is there any way possible to delete all the resources ?

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you can use kubectl describe pod <hook puller pod name> -n <jupyterhub namespace> and find out what is the error.

Then, you can change the config.yaml error line and perform update again.