Data Visualization Programming Summer Student Internship in New York City

The Scientific Computing Core of the Flatiron Institute seeks a motivated seasonal, part-time programming intern to build Jupyter widgets that provide interactive data visualizations useful for data science or other scientific data exploration and analysis. The intern will explore the current state of the art available for Web based visualization technologies and identify several visualizations to encapsulate as Juptyer widgets for use in scientific workflows. The resulting widgets will be published in Github repositories and the intern will present a summary of accomplishments to Flatiron Institute staff.

This is a paid summer internship in New York City.
Applicable travel assistance and a supported temporary housing
option are available. International students are encouraged to apply.

Please pass this information on to interested parties.

Thanks! – Aaron Watters

I’m interested in appying for this but the link seems to be broken. Is this opportunity still available?

no sorry. The internship is currently underway