Clean Login Database

Does anybody know how to clean all users in Database because remove a user doesn’t work for me correctly.

If you are using SQLite, rm jupyterhub.sqlite and restart the Hub to clear everything out.

The Problem is that Jupyter Hub know gets API request failed (500): Internal Server Error.
I have deleteted slite file in tljh/state/jupyterhub.sqlite now but it changes nothing. Its still not possible to reset database for me.

Deleting that file and restarting the Hub does completely reset the database, so maybe that’s not the issue. What do you see in the Hub logs surrounding the error?

After I deleted passwords.dbm, jupyterhub.sqlite and restarted the Hub the Login works fine thank your very much :slight_smile:
The problem with shutting down the hub is still there (internal api fail) but i will search for the solution this week maybe i will find a solution which i can share here.

@D4rkM4atter if you figure out a full solution, please do post it here so that others can discover!

I think i won’t find a solution.
Login, Creating files and the notebooks works fine but shutting down the hub causes an error. Maybe someone else got any solution.