Change icons in theme-extension

Hi everybody,

Since I went for 2.0, the icons in a theme-extension I made are not changing anymore, mostly regarding to --jp-icon-jupyter. Any ideas? Should it be related to LabIcon or something?


I think so? CC @telamonian

How should I use LabIcon to change some icons in a theme extension if simply overriding the variables doesn’t work for me in 2.0?

Hey, guys.

I’m having the same problem since I updated Jupyterlab to its v2.0.

Any news about this?


This recent post might help?

The post you sent helps with using a custom icon on commands you are creating. However, in my case, I’m not creating new commands, I’m just changing the default icons for custom ones.

Here is a screenshot of my working extension on Jupyter’s v1.0.0 so you can understand what I need to do.