Binder loading messages - how witty are you?

Who doesn’t know the most icon website of modern day notebooks in the cloud. Yes, the spinner.

The median time people watch it when a Binder is launching is about 15s. I know it feels a lot longer. But the data don’t lie. The median means 50% of users watch the spinner for longer.

Can we come up with some funny/witty/entertaining sentences to display to users when they are part of the fortunate 50% that get to watch this most iconic of spinners for longer?

Currently you will see Starting repository: binder-examples/requirements/master for the first 17s, then Repository binder-examples/python2_runtime/master is taking longer than usual to start, hang tight! for all eternity afterwards.

Maybe we can rotate the second message every 20s to help keep people focused while they are being hypnotized by the spinner.

Do you have suggestions? Please post them here!

Some of my ideas:

  • Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about $reponame
  • Use this break to stretch and move around while we spin up $reponame
  • While $reponame has been starting over 100000t of ice has melted in Antartica
  • You can read 900 words a minute, instead you are watching $reponame start
  • 300hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, we take that long to start $reponame
  • Several new pages have been added to Wikipedia while $reponame has been starting
  • The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, as does our spinner
  • You can watch Lord of the Rings while $reponame loads
  • We are still working on starting $reponame
  • How many pens are on your desk? $reponame is still loading
  • Don’t refresh the page now, it’ll reset the process of loading $reponame

How do you feel about nerdy in-jokes like “reticulating splines”?

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I’m a big fan of reticulating splines.

I think I linked this elsewhere but nbgitpuller uses this and I quite like the messages (they are all verb -> noun in structure tho):

I’d be +1 on a PR that adds in this functionality w/ the ideas we already have and we can always extend the list in the future.


I’d recommend listening to the No Such Thing As A Fish podcast and start including random and obscure facts.

+1 for reticulating splines


I’m rather disappointed that you’re not suggesting people learn cross stitching and use the spinning binder as pattern inspiration :joy:

I had to Google “reticulating splines” but from what I learned, I think it could be funny.

Willing to be the cross-stitching subject of a live feed. Might be just as hypnotic as the spinner though!

Rewording suggestions from Twitter on other aspects while you’re on it :slight_smile:

Could you turn it into a vortex?
Understand that while you are watching this we are using 100% recycled electrons to power the image.