Binder cannot install a requirement (GDAL)


I have problem with installing GDAL as requirement. No matter if I use pygdal or gdal, or if i include setuptools>=58.0.4 to the requirements.txt, the compile always ends up in:

WARNING: numpy not available! Array support will not be enabled

(although numpy is in requirements.txt),and:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '../../apps/gdal-config'

as some hint it says:

Could not find gdal-config. Make sure you have installed the GDAL native library and development headers.

is this somehow possible to fix?

this is the repository i try get the environment working:

(note we as a university would like to arrange a small short workshop soon, using this repository through for the first time)

thank you,


This thread might be helpful:


Hopefully you are aware of the current limit of 100 concurrent users per repo. See here. You can request that limit be relaxed for workshop using the link in the ’ Running events with’ section.

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seems i was too rushing, not going through documentation properly.
many thanks!
actually, in the end i could just use environment.yml for mamba env, rather than requirements.txt for only (pip’s?) python libraries.

many thanks!

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thank you very much. we will contact the team, with pleasure, as ‘maybe’ it will be for a bit more than 100 users. cheers!

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