Any jupyterlab extension support .py script editor and project management?

Since .ipynb focus on testing, I need to migrate from .ipynb to .py when I want to run python .py file.
I’m looking for a Jupyterlab extension that support python project and python script directly. Any jupyterlab extension that supports the need both?

I can’t exactly tell what you’re tasking for, but some approaches to improving the authoring and use of python notebooks, scripts, and modules:

  • jupyterlab-lsp (when paired with a python language server) would improve the text editing experience for both .ipynb and .py files
  • importnb would allow you to import .ipynb files almost anywhere you can use .py files, even in distributed packages



Well… I was surprised when I saw Jupyterlab at the first sight.
In short.I hope I can use jupyterlab to replace pycharm on my cloud

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vscode can both open and run .ipynb and .py files. However, for me it’s difficult to replace one thing with another so I ended up using both vscode and jupyterlab together.

Yes: See jupytext intro from PyCon 2020. jupytext provides .ipynb <-> .py synchronisation (hence searchability) and version control.

It’s so good, it should be part of Jupyterlab!

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