Admin page customisation, to add users last activity

Hi, I needed to customise the react admin page of jupyter hub, I have changed the server.last_activity in ServerDashboard to user.last_activity, I am using docker image of jupyter hub 2.0.0 I tried to replace the jsx file in same way as changing the jinja template files in the template folder, but the changes in the jsx is not visible, is it possible to change the jsx files in jupyter hub ? Thanks in advance.

You can’t just update the JSX files, you also need to follow the build process:

Version 2.0.0 of JupyterHub is very old and the admin UI has been modified, so it’d be better to start from the most recent release.

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thanks for this update, one doubt, after adding the yarn commands to the docker image, I am stuck at the build process, its taking more thatn one hour, and still building, is this suppose to happen ?

It shouldn’t take that long. Can you try building locally without Docker? Perhaps there’s a networking problem or something similar?

Thats how I resolved the issue, I build the react locally and replaced the build image to hubs build folder, and its works