About Windows 10 VDI environmental requirements


I am considering introducing the Jupyter Notebook( with python3.6) to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure,
We will inquire about the environmental requirements of the product.
I would appreciate it if you could answer.

  1. About Windows 10 OS
    (1)The lowest version supports Windows 10
    (2)Does it support to Roaming user profile
    (3)Does it support to Multi-user mode

  2. About VMWareHorizonView
    (1)Does it support to VDI:
    (2)Does it support to SBC (RDSH):

  3. About Cirix
    (1)Does it support to VDI (XenDeskTop) Full-Clone or MCS or PVS
    (2)Does it support to SBC(XenApp) Full-Clone or PVS

  4. Is GPU required

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