A tool for quickly generating markdown summaries of GitHub activity

hey all - a little tool announcement :slight_smile:

I’ve been using a mini-CLI tool I wrote for grabbing GitHub activity information. Perhaps this would be useful for others in the community as well? I just packaged it up so it’s a bit easier to install and you can find it here:

The idea is to be able to quickly generate a markdown file of github activity within a window of time for a repository, e.g.

the activity list on this page

was generated with this command:

github-activity jupyter/notebook 2019-09-01 -o docs/notebook_activity.md

I use it to quickly generate changelogs etc but I could see it being useful for giving quick updates on projects.

I’m planning to keep the functionality of this tool fairly simple, but please do give it a whirl and make suggestions, PRs, etc!