A datasette of mybinder.org launches

I wanted to explore the data about launches on mybinder.org that we collect in our analytics. I also wanted to learn about datasette. As a result there is now https://binderlytics.herokuapp.com/binder-launches/binder

It contains the last 90days of data, about 1.6million rows 270days of data, about 4.4million rows.

Please share interesting things you find, queries you use, things that look a bit weird. Here are some I used:

The notebook used to create the DB is https://github.com/betatim/binder-datasette/blob/fcbf0fc9d468fc46aadde8c7cf762964ac589c1a/create-db.ipynb. I will probably re-run it with more than the last 90 days. Maybe even all ~500 days of data. Resulting in a dataset of about 7-8million rows!


Now with ~4.4 million launches or 270 days of history.

This is fabulous. Thank you @betatim.

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Graph of launches by provider per day (warning: takes a while for the graph to load). Not suprisingly it’s dominated by GitHub, I couldn’t find a way to display log10(count(provider)). You can easily distinguish weekday vs weekend though.

Least popular GitHub repos (only 1 launch ever)

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The chart is super cool. Even super cooler is that the link contains all the info so it just works when I click it :slight_smile:

Based on your “less popular repos”: a list of “somewhat popular repos” (more than 5 but lass than 50)

I’ve updated the datasette. It now contains all of our historical analytics events. All 7.6million of them.


I will try and setup a GitHub Action that runs every day on https://github.com/betatim/binder-datasette to try and keep the binderlytics page updated.

It is crazy to think that we will sooner or later reach 10million launches!

A new query showing the number of launches per week.

We are getting close to 30k per day!

I’ve updated https://binderlytics.herokuapp.com/binder-launches/binder. It now contains ~8,000,000 launch events.

mybinder.org is ticking along at roughly 140,000 launches a week. So you still have some time (14-15weeks) to get your favourite drink chilled for the 10M celebration.