HPC meeting 2019 This is a category to share ideas, conversations, and report back before and during the HPC meetup at UC Berkeley. After the meeting, we’ll remove the room from the front page of the Discourse, and keep it as a public record / database of what conversations happened during the meetup! team A place for the JupyterHub and BinderHub teams to have team-related conversations amongst themselves (and with others as well). Zero to JupyterHub on Kubernetes A place to discuss how to deploy, configure, and use JupyterHub on Kubernetes using the Zero to JupyterHub guide. The Littlest JupyterHub A place to discuss deploying, maintaining, and using The Littlest JupyterHub, a JupyterHub distribution for deploying on a single Virtual Machine. discuss A place for general discussion about JupyterHub. This might include core technology, integrating with other tools, or seeking advice about use-cases. If you have a question about The Littlest JupyterHub, see #jupyterhub:tljh. If you have a question about “Zero to JupyterHub for Kubernetes”, see #jupyterhub:z2jh-k8s
Topic Replies Activity
About the JupyterHub category 1 November 16, 2018
Jupyterhub Admin access user site with 403 Access Error 1 January 21, 2020
LDAP uid/gid integration with jupyterhub/k8s-hub:0.9.0-beta.2 1 January 20, 2020
Creating national infrastructure for Jupyter environments 1 August 22, 2019
Authorization form must be sent from authorization page 1 January 19, 2020
Starting any Jupyter Notebook in a JupyterHub with a file .ipynb 2 January 19, 2020
Beta releases: JupyterHub 1.1.0 and Z2JH 0.9.0-beta.3 3 January 18, 2020
Customizing JupyterHub on Kubernetes 17 October 1, 2019
ZTJH on a Raspberry PI K8s Cluster 9 January 13, 2020
Use Github oauth to prepopulate .gitconfig 1 January 11, 2020
EFS multi user home directories 3 January 10, 2020
Error creating: pods "hub-b564f4485-" is forbidden: unable to validate against any pod security policy: [] 1 January 10, 2020
Custom.yaml command not firing 1 January 7, 2020
Can not access to Jupyter 2 January 6, 2020
Arguments passed to spawner do not seem to propagate to user pods 2 December 30, 2019
Pods stuck in terminating state on node 2 December 28, 2019
[Warning] 0/1 nodes are available: 1 node(s) didn't match node selector 5 December 26, 2019
Unable to access ipynb Server Error 500 2 December 26, 2019
Custom template oauth2 for user image selection 1 December 26, 2019
Jupyterhub with jupyterlab 2 December 24, 2019
User automatic logout on inactivity 10 December 21, 2019
Mount pv based on script on user pod 3 December 21, 2019
Kernel not working using an on premise Kubernetes Cluster 7 December 19, 2019
Serving jupyterhub on path other than root using nginx controller 3 December 19, 2019
Missing static files in Jupyterhub Docker image 3 December 18, 2019
Jupyterhub Installation 8 December 18, 2019
Success stories using NFS with Z2JH and K8s? 5 December 17, 2019
Kubespawner sets wrong memory request 1 December 17, 2019
Has anyone had any experience with recording browser sessions with Jmeter? 3 December 16, 2019
JupyterHub hub-db-dir PV Question 6 December 13, 2019